Monday, August 25, 2008

The Snake Encounter...

We had a house guest last Saturday night. Krystal was the unfortunate victim to open the front door and there, sitting on the porch, was a snake. She came screaming into the house...where everyone sat and stared at her 'freak-out' dance. There were some chuckles, but Molly finally went outside to witness the guest. And...Krystal wasn't lying. There really was a snake. It began to slither away. Mom decided to spray it with the hose. But we all decided we didn't want it to get mad. SO...Molly chased it with a pair of tongs. Hannah held the hose for back up. They decided to put it in an ice chest until Russ got home and he could take care of it. As Hannah and Molly went off to war to capture the beast, Krystal and Mom hid safely in the house and watched out the window. Molly was our hero. She captured the snake and put it safely in the ice chest. Then proceeded to place 2 pkgs of bottled water on top so the monster couldn't escape. Krystal looked online and discovered it was a Gopher Snake. Which is actually a good snake. They eat small rodents and insects. Eventually, Russ and Marcie got home. Everyone looked at the snake. The kids freaked and even Russ didn't look so excited about it. Molly and Randal took it down the street and let it go. We continue to keep an eye out for our little, squirmy uninvited guest...but so far, all is safe.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy 17th Birthday Molly!

August 21st was Molly's 17th Birthday. WOW!! We can't believe how grown up she is. It makes everyone feel old. We surprised Molly by "heart-attacking" her car while she was at school and filling the inside with balloons. Molly celebrated by going to see the new movie 'Mama Mia' with some of her friends. When they got back from the movies we made home-made pizza. She had lots of fun! Happy Birthday Molly.

Molly didn't want a birthday cake this year. But while she was gone at the movies with her friends, Hannah and Krystal surprised her by making one anyways. Hannah baked the cake and Krystal decorated it. It was yummy!

Molly got an I-pod from Mom. And Marcie and Russ and family got her a cute pink case to carry it in. She loved her gifts. Molly also received a balloon from Tink (the neighbor) and a red rose from the Young Women in her ward.

Molly & Raegan.


Hannah & Raegan.

Molly and friends (Rachel and Katie)

Marcie and Reese.

Krystal and Raegan.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We miss our Joshy

While we're all glad that Josh is doing well back in California, we still miss him so much. He's still living in Madera with his girlfriend, Karsta and her 2 girls Emily (7) and Haily (4). Josh is working at a company called Star Finishes. He does powder coating....although, we don't know exactly what that is. He keeps busy and works hard. We love them all so very much and always look forward to the next time we get to be with them. Karsta and the girls feel just like part of the family. Emily is in 2nd grade and has a mind of her own. She loves to be the boss of her little sister. She recently got a cell phone and loves to call everyone. Haily is full of herself. She is cute....and knows it! She just smiles and you can't help but give her anything she wants. Karsta works at RiteAid. She's a Pharmacy Tech and works lots of hours. She fits right in with all the girls in our family. She's just one of us. We love you all!!

Emily and Haily

Karsta and Vegas. They went to see Phatom of the Oprah.

Molly's First Car Accident

Well, it's unfortunate to report that little Miss. Molly has been in her first car accident, the week before her 17th birthday. Fortunately, no one was hurt. It was just a little 'fender bender'. It is however a little humerous. Molly had just pulled into a parking lot. A vehicle was backing out of its stall. So, she was being polite and was waiting for the car to back up. The person in the car backing up, was on his cell phone and didn't see Molly waiting. He backed out.......and kept backing out.....and kept backing out, until "WHAM" he hit Molly's bumper. The best part of the whole story is that the SUV that hit Molly, just so happened to be a Sheriff. Boy did he feel stupid. He wasn't even paying attention. He apologized to Molly. And had another Sheriff nearby write up an accident report. He admitted it was 100% his fault. The car was only slightly damaged. It busted out the cover for the headlight and bent the hood in a little. But it's nothing that can't be fixed and painted over. We're just so glad that Molly was ok. And no one was hurt. We still love you Molly.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quads...New Found Love!!

We've discovered a new love this summer....A couple weekends ago we went on a family camping trip. It was a rather large party of 4 families. 20 people in all. It was a blast!! Russ and Marcie brought their toy hauler along with the new Ranger and 5 quads. We all took turns riding. We rode 'til we had blistered hands and muddy faces. It was the most fun we've had in a very long time!! Russ took Mel to the top of Hundred Dollar Hill. The girls were excited to buy a pink helmet for the trip. Next time...we'll invest in gloves for the blisters on our hands.

Thanks for a GREAT weekend Russ and Marcie!! We love you guys.

Krystal....snapping on her PINK helmet...ready to ride!!!

Mel (aka Dare Devil)....ready to hit the hills. (You should seriously see her ride. FEARLESS)

Molly...tightning her helmet....ready to eat dirt!

And....the end result of a LONG and DUSTY ride!! The 3 hottest chicks in town for sure.