Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy 22

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Hannah is 22 years old today. Can't believe how fast time flys. We love you Hannah.
Hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Monday, November 9, 2009


It's been a long time since we've updated our blog. It seems that we've all been staying pretty busy. But, I'll fill you in on what's been going on with each of us.

Melinda - Still working hard for Muddy Boys. And spends all my free time with the family. And spoiling Riley, Raegan, and Reese as much as a Ninna possibly can. We all helped butcher the Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkeys this last weekend as well as the rest of our meat chickens. We're so glad that it's finished. It's a lot of hard and gross work.

Joshua - Still living and working in California. He recently found an apartment with a new roommate and moved in about a month ago. We're hoping that he'll get a few days around Thanksgiving to come out and celebrate with us in Snowflake. We love and miss him so much.

Krystal - Just moved back to Utah. She's been there almost a month now and found a job working at a JoAnn's fabrics for the holiday season. We're sad that she won't get to travel back home for Thanksgiving, but we're so happy she found a job and is loving life.

Hannah - Is still going to school at the community college. And spends most of her free time with friends, being the social butterfly. She continues to be a big help around the house. And is very active in her single's ward.

and last...Molly - She's still attending school at the community college and is READY for the semester to be over! She's doing very well in all of her classes but is ready for the winter break. Both Molly and Hannah are taking a trip back to Kansas during their winter break to spend a week with their dad. They're both looking forward to their trip and their sister time.