Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, Christmas is over. It was a wonderful day. We missed Josh terribly and hope that next year he'll be with us. We just cannot believe how fast this past year has gone by. Unfortunately, we've all been so busy that I didn't have much time for blogging. So here are the highlights for 2009.

Melinda -

I'm still living in Arizona and this year I turned 51. I watched my baby graduate from high school. I went to the Temple with Krystal and my baby sister, Rochelle. I was able to go to Disneyland with Marcie's family for a week and enjoyed every second of it!! I'm still working/running/operating Muddy Boys Drywall while my brother is in the Police Academy. I participate in and enjoy a "card exchange" group. I became the Young Women's President in our ward...and LOVE it. (which I didn't think was possible) I participated in the Snowflake Annual Pioneer Fun Run and in the Heber Daze 1 mile run. I also did A LOT of canning this summer with Marcie and Krystal. We raised goats, chickens and turkeys this year, and I learned alot about them, including how to butcher them! I still love living so close to my nieces and nephews and watching them grow! I hope that great things are in store for 2010 and I look forward to many new adventures!

Josh -

This year Josh turned 26. He is still living in Madera, California. This year he got an apartment with a friend. He's still working at the glass company, Saint Gobain Containers. He went to Disneyland for Thanksgiving. And while we were so, so sad that he did not get to come home for Christmas, he did get to enjoy the day with Karsta and the girls. We love him and miss him SO MUCH. And we pray that he enjoys many new adventures in 2010!

Krystal -

Krystal turned 25 last week. (this was her "golden" birthday...turned 25 on the 25th) This year Krystal went through the Snowflake Temple to receive her Endowments. She served as the 2nd Counselor of the Relief Society Presidency in her single's ward. She ran her own business, while also working as a receptionist at a gym and was the field manager for the Show Low City, Co-Ed Softball League. She spent the summer learning how to can food and made TONS of homemade Salsa...YUM! Krystal also learned (thanks to Russ) how to butcher, cook, and eat goats! (disgusting) She was also a good sport in learning how to raise and butcher chickens. Her and Molly took a road trip to California to pick up Hannah over the summer. She recently moved back to Utah and is currently working at a Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts store. She's loving life and I hope that she also will have many fun and exciting things to come in 2010.

Hannah -

Hannah turned 22 this year. She's currently attending Northland Pioneer College. She will graduate next semester with an AGS and the following semester she'll have her AA. She's currently on her single's ward Enrichment Committee as well as the Ward Web Aministrator. She's enjoyed several opportunities this year to do baptisms in the Snowflake Temple. She also was able to spend the summer back in Kansas, with her father and then a couple weeks in California visiting friends. Hannah has a busy and exciting 2010 to look forward to!

Molly -

Molly turned 18 in 2009. She played on her school's Vasity Softball team. She was elected MVP of her Arizona Senior All-Star League. She graduated from Snowflake High School and is now attending Northland Pioneer College. She coached the Snowflake Jr. High Girl's Softball team... and LOVED IT! She also spent the summer learning how to butcher goats and chickens. She has a newspaper route and is currently serving in her single's ward Visiting Teaching Committee. We love Molly's spunky personality. And I know she will have many new experiences in 2010.

So...that's us! We hope that everyon had a very Merry Christmas. And we hope and pray that everyone will have a fun and safe New Year!



The years go by too fast! Happy 2010!


Wow!! I love this update and I just love your family!! Miss you all so so much and wish I lived closer! I love you guys!! Happy new year!!

steven may

Loved your may just inspire me to do the same!

Can you believe we're in our 50's? and it's 2010.

Where did the years go?