Sunday, May 8, 2011

Catching Up

Recently, I have felt the need to be better at keeping a journal. I've decided that this blog will be the best way to do both, my journaling, and keep everyone up to date with my crazy family. It's been a LONG TIME since I've done any blogging. So, we'll start with an update on everyone.

Molly -
Molly is still living in Utah. She's still working at Sam's Club, as a cashier. She plays softball on Krystal's work team and is currently recovering from Gall Bladder Surgery. She's considering moving back to Snowflake in August....(we'll see).

Hannah -
Hannah is still living in Snowflake. She was accepted to NAU (Nothern Arizona University) and will moving to Flagstaff, to start school in the Fall. She manages to stay very busy with School, Church and Friends.

Krystal & Justin -
Krystal and Justin are living in Utah. They are both working full time and keep extremely busy. They teach the 7-8 year olds in their Ward. They LOVE married life.

Joshua -
Josh is still living in California. He keeps very busy with work and family life with Charlene and her kids. He coaches City League Girls' Softball and umpires on the side.

Melinda -
I'm still living in Snowflake and running my brother's drywall business. I'm currently the Young Women's President in my ward and LOVE it! I enjoy being so close with Russ and Marcie's family and love having Friday Night Sleepovers with the kids. I miss all my children like crazy and look forward to each time we get to visit.


Justin & Krystal Bennett

Holy Smokes!! I'm so glad that you FINALLY updated your blog. And I LOVE the family pic. We all look so skinny.



Glad you're updating! It was good to hear what everybody is up to. Happy Mother's Day, Melinda!

Russel and Marcie Sipes

WOW can it be true?? Hooray for blogs. Love the new look.